The Benefits of SEO Certification

The benefits of SEO certification are quite clear. In a world where SEO expertise is necessary for those who want to run businesses online but need help, the savvy business person will want validation that a self proclaimed expert is in fact one. Anyone can call themselves an expert on anything. There are even marketing books that tell you to “fake it until you make it.” But true expertise is tested and validated.

If you’re in the SEO business on any level, you can not only build a better reputation with certification, but you can also start watching your income grow faster. Those who take the time to go through the certification process are justified in charging higher rates than those who don’t.

With any business you need some sort of training, qualifications, or education in order to expect to do well. You certainly wouldn’t show up to someone’s construction site ready to hang drywall if you have no education on hanging drywall. Instead, you would go and get the appropriate education to be able to effectively be hired to hang drywall. Just because the online businesses are online  visit –  doesn’t mean that there isn’t a need for well qualified SEO experts that aren’t just showing up and claiming to be able to handle the job.

When the job market tanked and joblessness was spiking, there was a sudden new surge in SEO experts. One of the benefits of SEO certification is that you can differentiate yourself from those who elected to hang their shingle on the internet hoping that they could at least piece together enough to make the mortgage payment. A lot of people found out that they weren’t cut out for this type of work and many of those who did the hiring found out that they paid for services that were really never delivered.

Nobody wants to pay for services and not receive them. Nobody wants to work for someone who isn’t going to pay. Certification is a good way to help ensure that you can justify asking for the funds up front, or a portion of the funds, while simultaneously assuring the client that you are actually a professional. Even though the majority of tire kicking self proclaimed experts have moved on to other methods of finding an income, the ripples left behind within the market are still quite prevalent.

Of course, one of the greatest benefits of SEO certification is the actual education that you receive. Your confidence will skyrocket and you will feel more inclined to go after the larger, higher paying clients because you will know without a doubt that you are well aware of what you are doing. Your education will help you deliver on time and with accuracy. There won’t be any guesswork on your end because you will have made sure that when you’re marketing yourself, you’re marketing your actual knowledge.

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