How To Use Directories To Build Back Links Fast

It is a well known fact that building back links to your website is one of the most important elements of modern search engine optimization (SEO) of a website. a back link is a link from another website to yours.

Acquiring back links is one of the most painstaking jobs you can do online. It takes up a lot of your time. Many online businesses have been built on this aspect of SEO alone.

There are many submission services springing up daily. Whether it is article submission or director submission. There are also link exchange services of all kinds, free and paid. There is even the occasional article exchange program between webmasters. All to the objective of building back links. That is to tell you how important back links are to your effort at ranking well in the search engines. In fact, the number one search engine’s algorithm is built around back links.

Back links are of many types.

1. There is the back link that is one way. That is, you get a link to your website without having to link back to the site that linked to you. These are the types you get from doing directory or article submission. Or if your website content is good enough other webmasters will freely link to your content or resource. Or you can just buy your back links from websites selling space on their sites. 구글광고대행

2. There is the link exchange. This gives you a back link only if you link back. This is called a reciprocal link. you get these kinds from link exchanges. Either from free or paid ones.

So, how do you build back links to your website using directories. Directories are websites that list other websites according to categories and sub categories. Websites are listed under different topics. Some of the most popular directories are the Yahoo, Google and DMOZ directories.

You can build back links using directories in three ways. Through;

1. Free directories

2. Paid directories

3. Reciprocal directories.

You can get a comprehensive lists of these directories and their page rank at To build these back links fast your can either use a directory submission software or you give it to a submission service. Hiring a submission service gives you more time to concentrate on other marketing aspect of your website. But if you think you have the time (it is time consuming), you can purchase a good submission software like submiteaze to do your submission your self.

Using free directories to build back links.

Beware, that using this type of directory to build back link may not produce much. The quality of back links you get is not much. Most free directories are new directories. Their goal is to get other websites to list in their directories so that their directories will be filled up fast with content. Once they get to some certain stage, after two or three months when they have acquired some page rank, they start to charge for listing in their directories.

However, you can get a very good free back link, if you get your site listed in the directory. This is a human reviewed general web directory. There are other quality free directories. You may have to wait a long time to get listed. And even when you are listed, the web page where your site is listed may be buried so deep in the site that it is of no value what so ever.


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